How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Carpets. Carpet Cleaning San Luis Obispo Ca.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Carpets: Carpet Cleaning San Luis Obispo Ca.


Fleas can confuse carpet with a pet's fur and take up residence in your flooring. These parasites are very tiny and can be difficult to see. Walk across your carpet on white socks. If your carpet has fleas,you will see tiny brown or black specs jumping up onto your socks. Follow the steps below to get rid of fleas to protect your health

.Vacuum your carpet thoroughly. Use the nozzle instead of just pushing the vacuum cleaner. Start

at one end of the room, and vacuum in strips until you have covered the entire carpet. Pay special

attention to the corners of the room and baseboards. Fleas like to hide in dark and humid areas, so

vacuum underneath furniture well. Throw the vacuum bag away in an outside trash can when finish-


.Vacuum any upholstered furniture in the room, especially at the base and in the seams.

Fleas often jump onto the furniture, and they could re-infest your carpet if not removed.

.Steam clean your carpets and furniture to further eliminate fleas. If you do not own a steam

cleaner you can rent one at a home improvement or grocery store. Follow the instructions that come

with the equipment very carefully. You may also consider hiring a professional steam cleaning

company such as we at Bay-Vue Carpet Cleaning to clean for you. The high temperature exerted

from our Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning machine will kill both adults and eggs.

.Apply a carpet treatment. Spray am adulticide aerosol directly to the carpet. These sprays will also

terminate adult fleas and eggs.

.Sprinkle a mixture of salt and borax all over the carpet if you prefer not to use chemical treat-

ments. Allow the mixture to penetrate for 24 hours, and then vacuum it up.

.Throw away rugs and pet bedding to aid in flea removal. If you don't want to part from these,

wash them in a sanitary cycle in your washing machine. Also, use the hottest dryer setting available.

Wash these daily until the flea manifestation is gone.

.Treat your pet for fleas. If your pet is a carrier for these parasites, your carpet will keep being in-

fested. Ask your veterinarian which medication is right for you.

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