How to Get Kool-Aid out of White Carpet Using Ammonia Atascadero Ca.



When you see red, orange or grape Kool-Aid strewn across your white carpet in despair you may feel

that the stain may never actually be removed; but don't give up just yet! The following very simple

solution has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to restoring your carpet to its original state.



  1. Sop up the excess Kool-Aid as soon as possible. The minute the drink hits your carpet, grab a

    white towel to soak up a much as possible. Apply pressure with a dry white towel to the area.

    Don't rub ( never rub a carpet) but instead firmly blot the area until you have absorbed as much

    Kool-Aid as possible. Dab the area with a clean, wet cloth. Dilute the Kool Aid stain with clean

    warm water by rinsing a clean white cloth under the water, wringing it out and then applying

    pressure on the area. You may absorb more Kool Aid in the process.


  2. Combine equal parts of ammonia and water in a bucket. Perform this task as quickly as possible

    as you will want to get the solution on the carpet immediately! Stir carefully to ensure the mixture is fully combined ( use a wooden spoon or rod)


  3. Soak the stain with the cleaning solution. Avoid over soaking, as this can lead to either

    the solution or the stain bleeding on to other area's of the carpet. Pour a little amount of the solution on the stain at a time. This lets you control how much is dispersed on the stain. If the stain is large, consider pouring the solution in stages by fully soaking one area and then moving

    on to the next. Don' t over pour the solution so that you have to much cleaning fluid on the carpet and need to soak up more fluid than Kool Aid. This will only create a bigger mess.


    1. Fire up the iron. You will be placing a white towel over the stain and then using the heat from the iron to transfer the stain to the towel. Dial the iron to its hottest setting. Set dial for

      cotton clothing. Consider adding some steam to the process.


5. Place a clean white towel over the ammonia soaked stain and apply the iron. Make sure

the iron is very hot before attempting this step. Press the iron down on to the towel and hold

it in place for approximately 10 seconds. You should hear a sizzling sound, which means

the liquid is being absorbed by the towel. Move the iron to the next area and repeat the

motion until you have traveled around the entire area. Repeat the entire process until the

stain has lifted. You may need to make several passes over the stain until it fully lifts.

Allow to dry before walking on the area just cleaned.



Re-act immediately when Kool Aid is spilled on carpet.

If stain is not removed after 3 passes with the iron; re-soak the carpet with the ammonia

solution and repeat the ironing process.Ctrl/Cmd+V