How to Remove Eyeliner from Carpet. Carpet Cleaning Morro Bay Ca.


How to Get Eyeliner out of a Carpet: Carpet Cleaning Morro Bay Ca.


Although its meant to go to the areas around your eyes, its actually quite easy to get eyeliner on the carpet. However, its not so easy to get it out. Over time, even tiny eye makeup stains can start to cloud the carpet and ruin the look of your floor. If you're looking for a quick and easy method to get eyeliner

out of a carpet, then this article is for you.



.Spray a little amount of carpet cleaner onto the stain. Don't spray to much or it will froth up and

soak into the carpet, creating a bigger stain. Be careful how much you spray.

.Dip the tip of the towel in your bowl/bucket of water, and start cleaning the stain. Don't scrub,

or you might rub the make up further into the carpet. Instead, rub in slow, gentle circular motions.

.Rinse out with fresh water. If the stain is not gone, repeat the sequence again.

.Take your second cloth and press against the carpet to soak up excess moisture.

.If you have cleaned a large amount of floor, vacuuming will bring out the best effect afterwards.

.Wait for the carpet to dry.

If you closely follow these suggestions you should be able to effectively remove eyeliner stains from your carpet. If you have a problem accomplishing this or need your entire carpet areas professionally

steamed clean; then don't hesitate to call Bay-Vue Carpet Cleaning. “ Great Job Guaranteed!”

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