Why Is Steam Extraction Better Than Chemical Dry Cleaning? Morro Bay Ca.


Why is steam cleaning better than chemical process?

When you wash your hair, do you rub some powder into it and then just brush it out? When you wash your clothes in the washer do you use water or foam? Why would you use a Dry/Chemical process with your carpet?

Chemical or "dry" based carpet cleaning can make your carpet look nice by using large amounts of chemicals, but in the meantime, it does nothing to maintain your carpet’s proper texture, does little to remove pollutants and allergens, and it leaves a lot of chemical residue behind in your carpet.

Using the Hot-Water Extraction method (often called "steam cleaning"), the temperature and pressure do most of the work, and the mild and bio-degradable detergents we use assist in dissolving the dirt in the water—which is extracted, leaving your carpets squeaky clean. You can even feel the difference in carpets cleaned by Carpet Care Experts.

Also, according to carpet manufacturers, only the Hot-Water Extraction method has the added benefit of restoring your carpets' texture and maintaining the fibers' proper "twist" It's like getting a tune-up for your carpet. For more on why carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction method, see the last entry in the Caring for Your Carpetsection of our web site.

We also go a step further than many other hot water extraction based carpet cleaners by rinsing after cleaning, which not only stops spots from wicking back up but removes any cleaners you or someone else may have used to spot clean the carpet. Some companies put their soap right in the water that's being used to clean your carpets, which leaves that soap behind if you don’t rinse afterwards.


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